Travel nightmares

Friday the 13th- we should’ve known.


When we booked our trip, to Ohio we intentionally chose a direct flight around Jackson’s nap time to ensure a smooth trip. But a smooth trip was not in the cards.


First, we got stuck on the Mass Pike behind 4 accidents, which meant that we missed our flight. So we rescheduled our flight, which, unfortunately had a connection. Both flights were delayed. To top it off, on the second leg we sat on the runway for 30 min to find that we were only #26 to take off at that point! Also on that flight, Jackson had a blow out and screamed when he had to get changed on the table that was – no joke- half the size of his body. Oh and Delta lost one of our suitcases, which had Jackson’s diaper stuff and my pumping stuff. We’ve had to make about 8 calls to track it down– and we finally got it 28 hrs later.


Thankfully, Jackson was a champ! He was happy, bouncy and playful the whole 9 hours in transit (except for the diaper change). And he even slept in flight. Best baby ever to suffer a travel nightmare with. When we finally arrived at the Adu house, Jackson was greeted by welcome signs from his cousins and lots of playful playmates.


Logan Airport, just past security!

@ Logan, checkin out all the fun windows!

Jackson carefree and playing on his playmat (aka my jacket)

Our happy boy in flight

This little gem fell asleep before take off. Perfect.

Just hanging out waiting for our 2nd delayed flight at LaGuaria

Finally in Ohio, with welcome signs from the cousins

It’s play time with Tabrina, Reggie, and Melvin!


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