First day at daycare!!!

Most traumatic day for the entire family — well, except for Jackson! He was in great spirits as I handed him over to Sherry, one of his new caretakers at the Saltbox school. We are lucky to have an in-home daycare within walking distance of our house, and a great one as well! He will be going to daycare twice a week; the other three days will be spent with his Por Por (aka grandma Wong) and Gong Gong (aka grandpa Wong). Here is Jackson acting like it’s all gravy when I dropped him off at daycare this morning:

At first, I thought: I’m so excited for Jackson to meet other kids and get exposed to a new environment. Then, when I got to work and started thinking about how I left our baby “alone” without any family, I suddenly got really sad! See 🙁

We’re best buddies!

And I love him oh-so much.


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  1. Por Por says:

    I too was so worried about my little grandson’s first day at daycare! I’m sure he took it in stride. I think that, we, the parents and grandparents were more tramatized than Jackson.