Throw back to February 15, 2015- We took a trip to Ohio to visit the Adu family and while we were there Jackson was baptized!


During the naming ceremony we shared the meaning of his name:- Jackson means “God’s grace”, Davis means “beloved” and Adu means super-awesome-mega-wonderful-fantastic l’il mister!!


The baptism took place at Ramsmeyer Presbyterian Church and it was very special. Jackson jumped, played, read a book and listened patiently for about 2 hours during the church service. But when it was Jackson’s turn he was hot and hungry. He tried to yank the microphone out of the pastor’s hands to¬†eat it and started to get fussy when he wasn’t allowed to have it. Jackson calmed down though once that cool, holy water hit his head.


Following the baptism, family and friends gathered chez les Adus. Grandma and Auntie Gladys cooked up a delicious Ghanaian feast and it was quite a celebration for our l’il Jackson. It was a special day. Jackson got to play with his cousins and new friends. Thank you for cherishing Jackson and making his baptism such a special day, Adus!


To see more pictures, visit the “7 Months Old” page. There, you will find 200+ pictures from our trip to Ohio.



Jackson in the pastor’s arms


Family gathered around Jackson during the naming


Auntie Regina, Uncle Solo, Cousins: Kendra, Kailey, Tabrina, Regi … and Jackson!


Church youth




Jackson’s cake (he fell asleep before we cut into it)


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